Videos of Linyi Shandong丨Winter Begins Apple red The farmer smile

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Hello everyone, I am Wang Qingqing . Welcome to Yinan Chengqian Apple co-op.Chengqian Apple co-op locates in Hutou ,a small town of Yinan in Shandong province.It has a long history of more than 60 years of planting apples.We have many kinds of apples here:Red Fuji,Guo guang, Venus, the Golden Apple and so on.This isVenus Gold,its very sweet. The children like to eat very much. These are Red Fuji. When they are thoroughly ripe, they just have the proper sweet favor. People can't deny to eat an apple like this.They apple are rich in vitamin C ,which is the most need in the human body.They can also arouse person's appetite.They apple are known as the king of the fruit with their high nutrition. In winter, the apple are the main fruit for the people. If you want to have a taste. Welcome!

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